Custom Trucks

Who says fleets and big corporations don’t think much about customizing their rigs? We spotted this Continental Tire company LoneStar awaiting its turn to roll in to the Chrome Shop Mafia’s customizing shop in Joplin, Missouri.

CSM is a little tight-lipped about the mods, but one insider saidnew-lonestar-for-continental-tire-csm1 “this rig’s gonna look mighty fine when we are done with her.” We’ll see if we can sneak a look at the work order and get a snapshot of the work-in-progress the next time we’re passing through their neck of the woods.

We also heard 4 State Trucks just rolled out an ol’ boy’s truck who had his rig in there getting a little more bling. It seems Andy Wise, a Missouri water hauler, brought his ’05 379 in to get a lot of chrome added, and while the Boyz were at it he had the fuel tanks and custom double-hump WTI ‘glass fenders coated with black Rhino Lining–the same spray-on stuff used for pickup bed liners. Now that’s a way to keep rock chips limited while looking cool!


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