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Welcome to the  Custom Rigs blog spot. No magazine is successful unless the editors are in synch with their readers. As the editor, this is my way of listening to what you have to say about personalizing / customizing 18-wheelers and any topics related to the subject.



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4 responses to “From The Editor!

  1. We get into discussions around our office as to what truckers are doing to fix up their rigs–if at all with the economy as it is. My take is adding or upgrading items on and within the truck is akin to eating comfort foods; they make us feel better. And sometimes you just have to step up to something better because in the end it makes you more productive.

    Seats are a prime example. Drive for hours on end sitting in a crappy seat and you feel the same. Dump the old seat for one that is heated and has a massage system and you feel better both mentally and physically. Sure the fancy seat is expensive–but it pays for itself in no time just from the feel-good factor.

    Truckers also fix up their rigs as a sort of reward to themselves. Putting in a flat-screen TV and DVD player, or a better sound system doesn’t do a lot for the truck’s power, but it does add to the overall performance from the point the rolling office is a little nicer.

    Am I right–or totally off base in such thinking?
    Bruce Smith / Editor

  2. Bruce Mallinson

    I’m looking forward to getting my first magazine, I love trucks, and building horsepower for owner-operators that love a great running truck. High Horsepower makes your day go better, fuel mileage improves and the longevity also improves because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. The better your turck runs, the better care you will give it and the longer it will last. Horsepower is a WIN WIN situation. For 31 years we have been building high performance diesel engines and for 31 years we have been gaining fuel mileage. Life is too short to drive weak trucks! If you haven’t tried a Pittsburgh Power Computer your missing out on what life has to offer!
    Bruce Mallinson

  3. What’s the scoop on this years Big Rig Build Off?
    Who is ‘lookin good’ and what’s the word on who will show up with the ‘show stopper rig’ that takes a 1st Place trophy home? I’m sure they will all 3 be ‘tip-top’, but…somebody’s gotta
    know the low down on whats goin on! Eh?

  4. trkeditor

    Great question. Last year Randy Stoup and the guys at First Class Services in Lewisport, Kentucky, claimed the title. This year I understand S&J Truck Sales( Ft. Wayne, IN), Quick Draw Designs (Cohoes, NY), and Peterbilt of Bristol (Glade Springs, VA) are the three builders competing. Whichever one wins, you can bet all three rigs are going to be sportin’ some reall cool customizing and paint.–Bruce Smith

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