Stretching Wheelbase

There seems to be a lot of different techniques being used to stretch frame rails. What is the best (safest/strongest) method when it comes to strengthening the splice? And in what area of the frame should the splice be made if one wants to add 48″ to the wheelbase?



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2 responses to “Stretching Wheelbase

  1. rob

    Adding on to the rear then sliding suspension back is the ideal way to do it providing you are not exeeding 290 and fishplating is a must.Any more than that and I would fishplate the front 15 feet and then I would go longer,some people say dont bother but at the end of the day it is your truck split under the cab on the interstate, should of ,could of ,would of done it right but didnt.

  2. Wayne

    If you follow Robs advice, remember how many holes you have to fill up and just how much weight you are going to add to your truck. There are a couple of different ways to do this safely and it be cleaner and lighter

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