Custom rear bumpers, fenders and deck plate add a lot to a rig's looks.

Custom rear bumpers, fenders and deck plate add a lot to a rig's looks.

I rec’d a note from one of our readers in the San Francisco Bay Area letting us know about a trucker who just had some custom work done to his rig. The note went on to say Will Millward, an owner operator from Castro Valley, California, trucks everyday with his 2000 Kenworth W900L hauling forklifts and tractors throughout the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.

    A few years back he enlisted Johns Truck Repair (Cotati, California) to paint the cab and hood. A few weeks ago the guy was back. Over time he’s become unhappy with the way the “ass end” of the truck looked so he brought it back with one simple request: “Make the back look as good as the front”.

     J.T.R. fabricated a rear tailplate, rear cab mount cover, custom fit deckplates, new rear fenders and paint. The customer was thrilled with the end result and is even considering showing his “new” rig at couple of local shows this summer.

    I see several great things in this story. First, Millward is the type of owner-operator who really takes pride in their ride, and this most likely is a direct reflection on the way he treats his customers and runs his business. His truck is also a nice reflection on truckers in general.

     The second thing I immediately picked up on is the shop doing the work also takes a lot of pride in what they do. A good job several years ago resulted in a repeat customer coming back when the economy is really tough.

    Word-of-mouth advertising, those unsolicited comments from friends and acquaintances, carries a lot of weight toward bringing in more work.

    I guess the motto of my little post is taking the time to do a job well has rewards on multiple fronts both now and in the future. — Bruce W. Smith /Editor



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