How’s Your Driver’s Seat

We are getting our editorial ducks in a row for a big article on seats for an up-coming issue.  Did you know studies show more than 65% of professional truck drivers–those of you with more than a dozen years behind the wheel–suffer from chronic back problems? I didn’t.

Or sweating while driving and wearing damp clothes while you drive is a smooth road to all sorts of respiratory and rheumatic problems? Neither did I.

What I do know is one of the first upgrades you should make to your rig is replacing the cheap seats where you spend countless hours every day with ones designed to provide the best back and butt support available. Sure, you’re going to drop more than a grand per, but the upside is you’re not going to feel as fatigued or miserable as you do now.

As  providence would have it, earlier this morning I was a guest on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network’s “Freightliner Run Smart Hour.” The main topic of the 1AM-2AM show: driver’s seats.

What I learned from the numerous drivers who called in is the most important connection to your rig is the driver’s seat. If it’s a piece of junk, you’re going to feel much the same; if it’s one of the new designs with heat, massage, and adjustable back and butt support, you feel great.

I’d be very interested in your thoughts on the subject. What do you look for in a seat? is there one brand or model you found is just right for your body? Would you spend $1,500 on a high-end seat if it resulted in easing your back pain or alowed you to drive longer safer?

Let me know…we might quote you in the seat article! — Bruce W. Smith / Editor


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  1. For years we have been hearing that a relaxor/massage unit in a drivers seat would put them to sleep, when scientifically it is the exact opposite, it stimulates your back, your thighs and fatigued muscles. When drivers realize how it wakes you up and makes you more alert, then the percentage of fatigue related accidents will go down and driver efficiency during long road hours will increase. Seats are the one thing that effects a driver the most and subsequently should receive a priority when maintaining their truck. Their seats should be kept in excellent condition just as their tires.

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