Customizing’s Therapeutic Value

lammert101_0144We talk about custom rigs and owners’ passion for personalizing their rides. A great example of such passion for big rigs and customizing is a story Colorado Custom Chrome’s Adam Martin passed along to me earlier this morning.

One of his regular customers is a fellow by the name of Gary Lammert–a 45-year-old owner-operator who lives in Eaton, Colorado, with his wife and three girls. Gary has been driving a truck for 15 years. He was involved in a horrible trucking accident in 2004 where he rode his truck off Loveland Pass. If you have ever been in Colorado, you know what that means.

Gary survived–a miracle in itself–and spent the next four years in rehabilitation.  Today he drives a 2000 Pete 379 leased to Agland. His old truck was tricked out, and now his “new” rig is getting its share of chrome and special touches. 

As Martin told me, “Gary enjoys his job and loves fixing up his truck and making it look nice. He really loves chrome and spending time at the shop.”

I think that’s true of just about every trucker who takes pride in their ride; there’s something about the tinkering and camaraderie of “customizing” that fuels our addiction. In a way customizing, in and of itself, is therapeutic. — Bruce W. Smith /Editor


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