Stimulate this!

“Trust me, it’s not going to hurt.” Those words came from my dentist when I was a kid and to this day my heart rate jumps considerably when mention of a trip to the dentist’s office comes up. My heart is doing the same thing now when I hear the words “Bailout” or “Stimulus Package.” What a load of crap. It does hurt!

When my money–your money–goes into the pockets of companies supposedly to make them solvent and then those receiving our money use it to reward incompetent managers and CEOs with bonuses and party vacations, it hurts.

It also hurts when the incompetents running the agencies in our government who dole out these monies don’t require those receiving the funds to show how they are being spent. Believe me, if my bosses here at Randall-Reilly handed me a wad of money to get the magazine squared away and I didn’t account for every penny spent, I’d be fired.

Maybe that’s the best incentive for all of these hands reaching out for our hard-earned dollars: Think like a businessman and not a spoiled rich kid’s brat. If you take my money, then part of the deal is I can fire you in six months if you don’t show me exactly how you spent my money and solid proof you are turning around the company.

No bonus packages. No new airplanes or naming stadiums. Just get back to Business 101 or lose your job–and any retirement package you had planned on getting. Just like the rest of us who are blue-collar tax payers.

Just my take. — Bruce Smith / Editor


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