Win a custom rig

sequel-truck-small1I am not usually into contests. But we have one getting ready to kick off here at Custom Rigs even I’d be itching to enter. We’ve teamed up with the boys at the Chrome Shop Mafia to give away a fully customized rig–and one you’ve probably seen on TV’s Trick My Truck show a while back: The Sequel.

The Sequel is a tricked out 98 International and it’s even getting a few more upgrades before it’s given away in our little contest.

Now I can’t give you any more details at this point other than to win you have to be a subscriber to Custom Rigs. Oh, and the contest will involve a little thinking on the math side, which all of you are good at.

So if you are into having a little bit of fun and the chance to win The Sequel–or a number of other prizes to be given away–keep a close eye on our web site for more details. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Speaking of fun, don’t forget to scroll down a few posts to cast your vote on what driver’s seat is the best on the market. We’re doing a buyer’s guide on seating and want to list what our readers feel is the best choice. It takes just a couple seconds to give your opinion.–Bruce Smith / Editor


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