Getting ready for MATS

blog-mats-show-dsc_0538I can’t believe it. This time next week I’ll be riding along with my editorial cohorts in crime here at Randall-Reilly on the annual 8-hour pilgrimage to Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the Mid-America Truck Show and our Pride & Polish truck beauty show. It’ll be my first MATS.

I’ve been to hundreds of conventions and car shows–but have never had the opportunity to attend the granddaddy of trucking events. My adrenaline level is rising in anticipation of seeing all the cool rigs and meeting those behind the paint and polish.

On the other hand MATS means four days of non-stop work for myself and those I’ll be travelling with to the big show. It’s events such as MATS that provide the bulk of Custom Rigs’ feature vehicle photos and videos. So while I’m totally stoked about being there, I’m also a bit jealous of those who are going there to relax and take in all the sights without any other work-related encumbrances.

Owners of customized rigs entering our Pride & Polish truck beauty show will also be hard at work cleaning and polishing their rigs after driving them all the way to Louisville. In fact, truck beauty show contestsants are probably the hardest working bunch of anyone attending MATS–including us editors. They probably don’t like us coming along with our cameras, recorders, and video gear asking for a moment of their time while they are scrambling to get ready for judging. 

But I know they’ll be all smiles when the trophies are in-hand and they see themselves in Custom Rigs or on the Custom Rigs web site. I love it, too. — Bruce w. Smith / Editor


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  1. ironsurfer

    Western Star will be conducting focus groups for input for product development. They are compensating for participants. Stop by the Western Star booth on Thursday to qualify.

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