Who’s That Masked Man?


Mystery truck rollin' on I-5 in southern Oregon

When our writers and editors are out and about we’re always on the lookout for cool custom rigs.  Last Sunday one of our contributors, LarryWalton,  spotted this bad-boy rollin’ along I-5 near his home in Jacksonville, Oregon, and couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of a custom rig doing what they do best–moving loads.

The questions: Who’s the mystery driver behind the wheel? And, what’s behind Curtain #3?

Maybe we should start some sort of “Mystery Rig” contest? Should you have any contest ideas and prize suggestions, drop me a note! We’re all about having fun around here. –Bruce W. Smith /Editor



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2 responses to “Who’s That Masked Man?

  1. Thats Jeremy from JDT Trucking. He definitely has one of the sickest rides around.

  2. Thats James Davis not sure why I got confussed

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