What I Know About You

CRIGS_0309_PG0FC(C) copy.inddA couple times every year our research department sends out surveys to readers in an effort to help us editors figure out who’s reading our magazines. When I first came on-board back in October they came to me and said it was time to find out who was reading Custom Rigs.

So we sat down and came up with a couple dozen questions, the answers to which would help me decide what types of articles you were the most interested.

The research folks e-mailed about 1,500 surveys to readers of both  Custom Rigs’ and Overdrive, our parent magazine. To date, 387 of you responded–and I thank you for taking the time to answer the questions; surveys are not always looked upon as being of any importance by many who get them.

As I’ve said several times in posts and in the magazine, Custom Rigs is literally your magazine. I’m just the driver doing his best to get it where the majority of you want it from an editorial standpoint.

Here’s a little recap of how you answered some of the most important questions:

–78% of you have done exterior upgrades, with changes in marker lights (63%), bumpers (47%), and stacks (44%) the leading the upgrades;

–65% of you have modified the interior, with  toggle switches/knobs (55%), stereo systems (46%) and seats (44%) being the primary focus of your attention.

–Tires (37%) and paint/graphic (36%) were the next items you guys changed, with fenders (32%), wheels (30%), batteries (29%),  visors (29%) and shifters (28%) coming in close in behind.

–More than 60% of you handle at least 3/4 of  such upgrades yourself. (I figured that number would be higher.) Nearly 40%  said you were going to hold on to your present rig and customize it instead of buying or leasing a new one.

–68% of you shop at chrome shops, and 58% do it through the Internet.

— 47% of you attend truck beauty shows, but only 9% actually enter a rig into the competition.

— 70% of you like the overall articles in Custom Rigs offers, but (69%) would like to see more how-to’s, feature rigs (58%), and tech Q&A (43%).

So what  this means to me as the editor is it appears we  need to add a how-to article or two each issue related to customizing lights, paint/graphics, bumpers, sound systems, seating, exhaust and dash upgrades while devoting far less editorial on “beauty show judging”-related topics.

I suspect you’d like more buyer’s guides, too, related to the above topics –and we need to expand the feature rigs we cover while answering more of your technical questions.

Does my synopsis sound about right to you?

If not, fill out that survey and get it in so your vote is counted! Otherwise I have to go on what the numbers are telling me…and they might not always be spot on.– Bruce W. Smith/Editor


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