On the road, again — and again

The wall around my desk is beginning to look like a travel agency. I have itineraries for events lined up across it and little Post-It notes attached to every one.

April 23rd finds me flying down to Orlando and then driving on south to be at our Overdrive’s Pride & Polish  event at Chrome Shop 75 in Wildwood, Florida.

east-coast-large-cars-adTwo weeks later I’m off to New Jersey to see first-hand what those long 350-plus-inch wheelbase boys are up to at their first truck show. The June 13 event is sure to be a good first-effort knowing how seriously  Richie Acosta and Anthony Fischkelta take building custom rigs.

Then I come back to the office, write up those stories for Overdrive and Custom Rigs’web site, and repack camera and video gear to head to Lost Wages, er, Las Vegas. I find our Great West Trucking Show  (June 25-28) a lot of fun as the convention center is a great place to show off custom rigs.

So if I don’t answer the office phone when you call–or get back to you rigt away with an answer to those e-mails — you know the reason. I’m out there in your neck of the woods looking for more stories and story ideas from each one of you. And if you see me, holler and say “hello.” — Bruce Smith / Editor


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