Custom Rigs new photo web site

It seems our photographers get asked dozens of times at every Custom Rigs truck beauty show about where truck owners and afficienados of custom rigs can buy some of the pictures we take–and we’ve taken thousands, literally, over the years. We also have readers inquiring about getting pictures of the trucks and stories we have in the magazine.

Now we have the answer: Go to our own photo sales web site:

 Over the next few months we’ll be digging into our archives and posting new “galleries” on the Bigrigphotos  site. When you enter, click on “Galleries” in the left corner and you’ll see a list. Click on what you want to view and all of the images in that gallery will be displayed.

Click on an image and you’ll be able to see the different items available, their prices, and what that particular image would look like diplayed or printed in that manner.

Don’t see a particular photo you’re looking for? No problem. E-mail us what it is you want,  when we might have taken the picture–or the truck you are interested in. We’ll dig around to see if we have it. We probably do.

We can also provide images of complete articles, or images from the articles, should those be of interest.–Bruce W. Smith / Editor


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