Custom Rigs’ new web site getting closer


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Now I know how you guys feel building a new custom rig. You can’t wait to get it out on the road to show off, but the frustrations of taking care of all the fine details seems to go on forever.

Such is the case with our “new” web site. We brought the old Custom Rigs web site in for  major make-over so it’s overall performance level is greatly enhanced. By performance I mean serving you, our reader, better in many ways.

For example, the front page is going to offer much better navigation and information links to articles, images, videos, custom rigs, and sources for custom shops, parts and services. The custom rig features and how-to articles will have lots of of pictures–and when you click on an image it’ll pop up big so you can see a lot of details.

We’re also instituting a new “Pro Tips” tech forum where you’ll be able to ask our panel of industry experts any question about customizing a rig and you’ll get a fast reply. We’ve lined up a great panel, too.

Bruce Mallinson, from Pittsburgh Power, Inc., can answer any question related to engines and performance; no one know’s differentials, transmissions, and drivetrains better than Allen Gobel at Western Truck Parts. The Chrome Shop Mafia’s Bryan Martin is taking care of answering exterior-related questions along with Jeff Davidson from John’s Truck Repair. Martin is also fielding questions related to exhaust upgrades and interior-related matters.

Alex Gobel from Outlaw Customs is taking on Audio/Video questions, while Jim Raines (S&J Truck Sales) and Raul Martinez (Triple R Diesel) can answer any frame/suspension question you could pose. Raul is also fielding paint/graphics questions as is Randy Stroup’s guys at First Class Services.

And if you have a detailing question, Jean Jean Duquesne of Quicksshine in Florida knows all there is to cleaning and detailing custom rigs.

There’s so much more to Custom Rigs improved web site it’d take a long, long post to cover it all. Suffice it to say, you’ll be going there every day to check out the latest information., watch new videos, or read the latest articles.

I can’t wait for you to see it! Now if we can get those last little tweaks done. We want it to debut before May 15. Finger’s crossed. Bruce W. Smith/Editor


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