When you thought you’d heard it all, along comes another idea that tops all those before. Take the latest item one of my fellow editors forwarded to me this morning: Custom Urns. Now if your goal in this life — and the next — is to keep on truckin’, this has got to be a “bad ash” idea.Final Ride Urn

     A company called Mobile Creation Urns offers “Final Ride Urns,” which are unique custom made urns to hold a generous amont of the the dearly departed’s ashes, and get this, the urns are designed to be mounted just about anywhere on any motorized conveyance.

    The urns can be zinc- or chrome-plated, or powder-coated in a wide array of colors. They also have a crush rating of 60,000 pounds.

    So I immediately thought of those truckers who always say everyone can kiss their ass could do so if they had it in their will their own urn be mounted to the tailplate of their custom rig–or maybe as a hood ornament so they could always be leading the way with the wind in their face.

    There are just so many possibilities here–both good and bad. 

    “Some people, who live life full blast”, says Steve Radz, the man behind the whole concept, “wouldn’t be content to spend forever on a shelf or buried in a cemetery.

    “With Final Ride Urns, although deceased, the person continues to be seen and have his or her name said again and again. We keep their memory alive and in the wind.”

    Originally developed for motorcycles, Radz says Final Ride Urns can be adapted to any form of locomotion. “My urns can be mounted to any vehicle. The golfer can ride the greens on a golf cart. The pilot can forever fly.  Policemen and women, paramedics and firefighters can continue to answer their calls. And bikers can ride forever.” And truckers can keep on truckin’ if that’s their will so to speak.

   I hate to imagine what’s next. — Bruce Smith / Editor


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