Just rec’d another “build” video from the boyz at Triple R Diesel down in Texas showing yet another custom rig that’s gone through their shop. I tell you, Triple R puts out more build videos than Paramount does movies.  And they are always fun to watch.

    I encourage every custom shop — or individual who is doing their own work — to do the same. Such an endeavor takes a little bit of time to snap the still photos and shoot short video clips of the work-in-progress, and, of course someone on on the video-editing side who enjoys putting together short 4-5 minute movies. But in the end it’s worth it; you get free publicity for both the custom rig being built and your shop.

    If you do have videos of this type, send me either the  links or the videos  so we can post them on Custom Rigs’ web site. I’d love to have a huge library of custom rig build videos for everyone to have access to in one location. One can learn a few tips and tricks by watching them! — Bruce Smith / Editor


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