Owners of custom rigs take a lot of pride in their rides both at truck shows and on the road. But does such pride extend beyond just the cosmetic as it does with four wheelers and their weekend toys?

     The debate around this office, which is also the home  for the editors of my very conservative sister publication’s (Overdrive, CCJ, and Trucker’s News) is whether or not diesel-engine hot-rodding has any merit in a big-rig.

    I say it does. My belief is once a hot-rodder, always a hot-rodder. And those who take the time and expense to customize their rigs would also be the very ones who would, and probably do, embrace adding an engine performance computer or having the engine’s computer re-programmed to make more power on demand.

    My counterparts see such engine performance upgrades as as waste of money and bad for the engine’s longevity. What’s your professional opinion?


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