Grassroots truck shows

With all the hoopla over the Mid-America, Great American, Iowa 80, Shell Super Rigs, and other big truck beauty shows going on around the country during the spring and summer, we sometimes forget about the dozens of truck shows put on by the little chrome shops and truck dealers across the country. 

    Those events are what fostered the big ones to life.Berube's Truck Show flyer

    A great example of such a grassroots event is the one held up in Bow, New Hampshire, at Berube’s Truck Accessories, Inc. The Berube’s (603-224-7370) started the event back in ’03 as a true customer appreciation day.

    They tell their customers to leave their wallets in their pockets and the trailers parked at home. Just bring your tractor, the family, and a good appetite.

    The Berube’s close their store doors and bring out the home-cooked/BBQ food, beverages (non-alcoholic), a truckload of raffle prizes they and their vendors donate to the cause. They strike up the band and the party is on. It really is a  customer appreciation day. They even make sure there’s plenty for the kids to do, so truckers and their family’s have a great time.

    Berube's Truck ShowSo if you are an owner of a custom rig, take a day off this summer and make time to attend one of the “local” shows like the Berube family puts on. The appreciation factor works both ways.  — Bruce W. Smith / Editor


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  1. Bruce hit the nail on the head, this is what our show is about, thanking the customers. enjoy a day with the family and have some good food and entertainment. Oh ya and show off that truck your so proud of.

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