Our Sweepstakes give-away truck begins tour

Sequel Video Still 5It’s back on the road again. Our “Win Big With Custom Rigs” Sweepstakes custom rig started its “tour” of the truck shows. Here’s how the Chrome Shop Mafia’s Bryan “Bossman” Martin recapped the first of what will be many showings:

“The Sequel was on display at the 3rd Annual ‘Fuelin the Fire’ Truck Show in Norfolk , Nebraska, on Saturday May 30th. The weather was fantastic, traffic was good, and everyone who attended enjoyed the event as they ‘checked out’ nearly 50 working show trucks from the surrounding area! SEQUEL in Norfolk NE 003

We also had The Sequel on display and everyone was elbowing their way to get their names on sweepstakes entry forms so they could fill ’em out.

This event is organized and sponsored by the super folks at the US92.7 FM radio station in Norfolk, which consistently plays today’s best country music.  The Sequel was a hit. So was Matt Coleman who performed an AWESOME concert that was enjoyed by quite a crowd!

The folks from the Norfolk area came out in huge numbers and a great time was had by all. We can’t wait till we show Sequel again at the Great West Truck Show in las Vegas in a few weeks!”


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