Sound off

Widlwood 75 Chrome09_569Let’s Crank Up The Volume

When I was at the Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas and 75 Chrome Shop’s event in Wildwood, Florida, I’ve noticed custom rig owners are paying more and more attention to high-end sound systems and their installation. The big rigs are starting to rival some of the cars and SUVs one sees on the street scene.  I think that’s way cool.

The appreciation of music and kick-ass sound systems are the biggest common denominators among customizers of big rigs and four wheelers in general.

Maybe someday Overdrive’s Pride & Polish events will have a “sound off” competition where the biggest and baddest can strut their stuff for cash and prizes. I think both truckers and the general public would love it.

A sound-off competition would  put the audio industry on notice their products are appreciated by those who spend nearly every working hour in a cab, and maybe, just maybe result in some sound systems designed specifically for big-rigs.

What are your thoughts about having sound-off comeitions as part of Pride & Polish events?


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