Spending shop time in Colorado

mapIn a couple hours I’ll be watching the young custom wizards at Outlaw Customs (Colorado), Allan and Alex Gobel,  as they show me some ways truck owners can save money customizing their rigs by fabricating trick items in the “backyard.” It’s going to be fun.  On today’s agenda are making custom fuel tank straps and fuel tank fairings on the cheap.

What’s cool about this opportunity is we all like to have custom parts on our custom big rigs, but can’t always afford to buy them from the chrome/custom shops. I hope little articles and how-to’s like these help you add some personal touches to your custom rig without heavily damaging the wallet.

I’ll snap some photos and shoot a little video so the information can be added to our growing number of how-to articles and videos now available on our “new” web site. If all goes well these should be online by the end of next week after my return to our offices in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Speaking of the new web site, what do you think? Are we on the right track? What else do we need to have on our web pages? What types of information/articles do you want to see? Let me know.

Well, got to punch in at Outlaw Customs….lots of work to be done over the next couple days before I head up the road to Colorado Custom Chrome where I’ll get more good stuff!

Cheers all.


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