About Us

Custom Rigs – a spin-off of Overdrive magazine – is about customized trucks just as the title implies. But it’s not just a magazine with lots of pretty pictures and stories about show trucks and truck beauty pageants.


Custom Rigs is for any truck owner who “takes pride in their ride” and wants information on products and services related to both personalizing their rolling office as well as making it a better performer—be it on the road or at a truck beauty show.


To that end, our editorial focus is on providing a broad range of articles on topics that appeal to both truck owners and truck enthusiasts in the general public.


Those articles all fall under the improving performance umbrella.


The word “performance” to Custom Rig’s readers can mean improving an engine’s power while increasing fuel economy and reducing maintenance through the addition of some new electronic hot-rodding technology or exchanging some component part for another. That’s customizing.


Performance can mean upgrading the headlights with a more efficient bulb or or relocating them to provide better lighting at night and to compensate for “old” eyes. In doing so such work adds to the personalization of the rig, and in doing so, so the owner-operator takes better care of it. That’s called customizing.


Improving a truck’s performance can mean upgrading the seats and sound system so the owner-operator is more comfortable on long hauls. Better mental and physical comfort leads to improved driver safety. But it’s still customizing.


Performance can mean making minor or radical changes to the truck’s paint and graphics. The end result is it performs better in truck beauty shows—and it performs better attracting the attention of others, and in doing so, attracts attention to the company who owns or leases the rig. That’s customizing.


Performance can come from adding fender flares, deck plates, drop-visors, twin exhausts, chopping tops of sleepers and cab, modifying other body parts. The end result is the truck gets better fuel economy, turns heads on the road and at beauty shows, and instills an even higher pride of the driver.



And this blog is my way, as the editor, to chat directly with you, the Custom Rigs reader, to find out what you want to see in your magazine. So post away!


6 responses to “About Us

  1. I’m looking forward to getting my first magazine, I love trucks, and building horsepower for owner-operators that love a great running truck. High Horsepower makes your day go better, fuel mileage improves and the longevity also improves because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. The better your turck runs, the better care you will give it and the longer it will last. Horsepower is a WIN WIN situation. For 31 years we have been building high performance diesel engines and for 31 years we have been gaining fuel mileage. Life is too short to drive weak trucks! If you haven’t tried a Pittsburgh Power Computer your missing out on what life has to offer!
    Bruce Mallinson

  2. hi im robbie i was just wondering if you have a truck show this summper i am in to trucks a ton from peterbilt to mack to volvo to freightliner to international to sterling to western star and of cource kenworths her is my home phone as well 1-978-768-7619 thanks have a great day.

  3. jerry soles jr

    would like a get your magazine..please e-mail me info0,

  4. trkeditor

    Jerry, Getting Custom Rigs is as easy as going to our subscription page and filling in the information:

  5. I can’t find yet any groups or blogs like yours on that subject. ,

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